Election principles

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RE: LETTERS page April 29, Bryan Rutter regarding vote for someone who lives in area

Mr Rutter has an interesting point of view regarding the point that candidates should live in the area where they stand, and that only one member of any family should stand, inferring that the stronger family member would influence their vote. How insulting. As one of the prospective candidates for the Newby ward I would like to share the following:

Women fought long and hard for the right to vote, and had to wait even longer for the right to stand in local elections. I myself was born, raised, and have spent all my life in Scarborough. I am extremely proud of our borough and genuinely have the interests of my chosen area at heart.

Myself, and my husband have both attended local Newby schools, and our children continue to do so. My family had a longstanding business on Wreyfield Drive, and my husband and I delivered milk for many years to the doorsteps throughout Newby. We shop at Proudfoots, and support the local banks and Library, I believe strongly in supporting local businesses thus protecting much needed community assets.

I am very much my own person and can assure Mr Rutter that, if elected, I would not “toe the line” with my husband’s opinions or views. If you believe that statement is pure electioneering then ask him for yourself!

Partners of councillors are individuals in their own right, and have the right to choose to stand for election. I would hope that all people who share your blurred opinions as to the morals and strengths of candidates choose to put their views to the wider public and stand for election – now that would be refreshing.

Sue Backhouse

High Street