Entertaining look back at past crimes

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I DON’T think I am on my own in looking forward to reading the Evening News about the court cases of 100 years ago, it’s very entertaining reading.

I often wonder how many people used to live in Dumple Street in those days as more often than not that’s the address the majority of people being prosecuted gave, but I would think that it would be all lodging houses in those days.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people attended the court hearings for a bit of entertainment, as it seems that there was quite a lot of laughter in court due to some of the excuses given, and there was no television in those days.

At the same time it does give you an insight into how different life was in those times.

On a different note I wonder if there are many readers that remember a couple of local characters from a few decades ago.

The first one was known as Tatey Ash, a very smart upright chap, he used to wear shorts and carry a walking cane, and he would march up and down the main street, not on the footpath but on the road near the kerb, and the other one used to walk around town with a black and white cat on his shoulder, and it wouldn’t jump off.

We don’t seem to have any characters like that nowadays.

John L Burt

Middle Walk