Entertainment: A thriving theatre would attract crowds

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Re the Futurist Theatre.

In the 1980s the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford was run down and tired and the same war of words was going on as is going on here.

The short-sighted council who had already destroyed a once proud city by their indiscriminate use of the wrecking ball, something that the city has yet to recover from, decided in their infinite wisdom to shut the theatre down.

Fortunately, after a protracted campaign common sense prevailed and although it cost several million pounds, even in those days, the theatre was completely refurbished and a phoenix rose from the ashes.

Today it is one of the most successful businesses in the city. It attracts all the big shows that come out of London and those shows play to packed houses.

We got to at least six shows a year and when speaking to fellow patrons in the audience we often find ourselves talking to people who themselves have travelled many miles to enjoy a wonderful spectacle.

We always have a meal in the city and on occasion stay over, all this brings much needed business to the place.

Given that Scarborough has such a natural beauty it goes without saying that having a thriving theatre would attract people who not only want to see a wonderful show in fantastic surroundings, but are willing to spend money perhaps taking a short break into the bargain. It can only be good for the town.

A question that has always puzzled me is why was the council willing to invest millions into the Open Air Theatre that is used probably 10 times a year but will not invest in an all weather 52-week-a-year venue?

As for the cost of refurbishment has the council even looked into financing this venture? There are many avenues to be explored eg Lottery funding, grants from the EU and other areas that can be approached.

There is plenty for day trippers to do in the town without another cheap and unimaginative venture to be foisted onto an already struggling town. We should be raising our game not lowering it even further.

Many years ago somebody said something very true in regard to town councils, “You do not always get the best, you only get the ones that are willing to do the job.” This sadly has rung so true given the decisions made by Scarborough Borough Council over recent years.

Mrs E Woodward

Jackson Close