Environment: What a lot of rubbish

Copy of letter to Scarborough Borough Council Environmental Health Department:

I am writing to your good selves because there is a serious environmental and health problem out of the block of flats where I live.

Now there are 12 rubbish bins over-flowing and it’s been some weeks since they were last emptied and is now causing harrowing smells which in turn is attracting vermin to the area.

Also I do not understand why the council’s refuge department are not emptying our rubbish bins when all the tenants in the flats are paying council tax to have our bins emptied at least every two weeks.

I look forward to hearing back from you on these matters and to what actions you are going to take to clear these full bins and make sure they are regularly emptied of our household waste bins alright.

Copies of this letter are also being sent to my local MP Mr Robert Goodwill at The Scarborough News.

Albert Burton

Cliff Bridge Place