Environmentalists deserve our support

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RE ARTICLE on post mortem of tree saga (Evening News, January 26).

Senior Officer Gareth Dadd at the meeting was very angry with, as he called them, ‘The Tree Warriors’.

He accused them of wasting public money and bringing embarrassment to the county, together with adverse publicity.

Call them what you like Mr Dadd, ‘eco warriors, tree huggers, swampys’, I and many others consider them to be people that are brave enough to shout out and speak for our environment.

I admire their actions, without the intervention of the ‘tree warriors’ the general public would not have known of the mismanagement and the incorrect decisions and procedures taken by your officers.

Yes they did bring you embarrassment, and yes adverse publicity also, but this is democracy in action and we should all know what goes on.

There were many factors that lengthened this unfortunate saga and I would hope that we have all learned from our mistakes. However, the new protocol being put into place across our county instigated by North Yorkshire County Council regarding trees will, I hope, be open and transparent, and that the correct and lawful procedures at present in place to protect trees will not be put on one side for fear of adverse publicity.

Further more, so the ‘tree warriors’ cost the public an extra 20k, well the same amount is at this moment being spent on 50 iPads for councillors!

Now that is a waste of public money.

David Parker

Porritt Lane