Esplanade: Hardly a clean footpath...

Esplanade, out for the dog mess
Esplanade, out for the dog mess

When I first came to live in Scarborough South Cliff I thought what a beautiful place on the Esplanade, all the spring flowers were in bloom, a clear sky and a deep blue sea.

Now we are entering the tourist season I was wondering what the tourists who come to the nearby hotels think?

It isn’t “Tip Toe Through the Tulips”, it’s more like “Tip Toe Through the Dog Mess”.

Yes we have heard it all before but there is hardly a clean footpath to be had on South Cliff that hasn’t had a doggie deposit, where some poor person has managed to put their foot in. Not really a happy memory to take home to your loved ones, is it?

Dear Scarborough Council, can we have our dog wardens back, not just one for the entire coast. Or perhaps someone with a kind heart who loves Scarborough South Cliff with a shovel?

Alan Hargreaves