Excessive charge for charity afternoon

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ON SUNDAY I went to the village hall at Ayton. The afternoon was being used to make money for Help for Heroes charity, and it really was a pleasant afternoon.

The Yorkshire Wold Brass Band were there and also the Seamer Community Choir. Many songs from the Second World War were played such as ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and ‘Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover’ and people in my age group sang along with them. Other songs such as ‘Hey Mr Hen when will you lay me an egg for my tea,’ ‘Run Rabbit Run’ and many others. Tunes from Glen Miller and Duke Ellington made many of us tap our toes remembering dancing to these tunes in the war years.

There was a raffle, and a tombola. A cup of tea and a piece of cake for everyone, and it really was a pleasant afternoon while the rain was very heavy outside.

It was obvious that the people who organised this had worked very hard to ensure it was a success. Talking to one lady about how well it had gone, I asked her what the hall had charged. I was stunned to hear that it was £85, but that they had been given £5 back for the fund.

No central heating had been used, some electric or gas to boil water to make cups of tea. No damage to the hall furniture and no mess for anyone to clear up and all tables and chairs were stacked. If table top sales and jumble sales are held and people keep the money they earned, then yes, I can understand the rent being paid in full.

Every day we see pictures on the TV and in newspapers of members of the armed forces with horrific injuries, people with arms and/or legs missing and for many the life they hoped for will not be there for them.

I just feel that as this was a charity afternoon, that the charge of £80 was excessive.

Mrs J Pugh

Byward Drive