‘Exit pill’? Some of us are too busy!

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AS A septuagenarian who disagrees with the notion of ending one’s life at the age of 70, as proposed in the somewhat amusing but cynical letter of TW Ward (Letters 12 April 12), that as soon as I could remember where I had put my spectacles, I had to put pen to paper – electronically of course!

It is of course unnecessary to give examples of what can and has been achieved by those over 70, and indeed the raising of the age when both men and women will be eligible for an Old Age Pension, is in itself evidence that we are all living much longer. On a personal level, at the age of 71, I will be joining around 200 others who are over 70 years old in the Virgin London Marathon. Even though I have had some setbacks in my training through some running injuries, I still expect to finish ahead of in excess of 10,000 younger finishers, and run fast enough to qualify for an automatic entry in 2012.

As regards the notion that the country would benefit from not having so many elderly people to care for, I do not consider it to be totally flippant to say that if the proposed Alternative Vote system were to be adopted, then this might open the door for a lunatic fringe party that might agree with T Wards ideas, and even consider making an early exit compulsory!

If my worst fears ever came to pass, and a compulsory final day on earth was to take place, I would like to run a final marathon. Why? Because in doing so, I would have passed through hell, and assuming I ran well, I would be half way to heaven anyway!

Mick Thompson

Byward Drive