Expect anarchy on roads

RE light touch policing

As a green traffic light nowadays seems to indicate that one should accelerate to 45mph in case the signal is about to change, amber has become the new green, and red, it appears, is to be treated as no more than a polite suggestion for the first 10 seconds, the unbroken flow of traffic is making it increasingly difficult to emerge from side streets close to junctions.

Even more seriously, pedestrians are having to take increasing risks to cross roads at peak periods.

We have learned this month that in the modern world, any perceived criticism of the police is likely to result in the expenditure of an additional £1,000 a day on a public relations initiative, rather than in booting bobbies out on the streets with notebooks, but if selfish, inconsiderate drivers are to escape any penalty, complete anarchy on the roads will soon prevail.

Richard James

Prince of Wales Terrace