Family history: Does picture hold a clue?

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I am trying to trace my family history and need information about my parents. There was a link somewhere along the line with a family named Sunley in Scarborough.

I recollect, in the mid Thirties, spending a week or so at the Sunley home which was, if my memory serves me right, just out of town, probably a dairy farm set in a small valley or dell. There were two or three children about the same age as me. Milk churns in plenty.

The connection with the Sunleys may have come about during the 1914-18 war. Some of my family were farmers.

I have a photograph of a couple I cannot place, maybe they are a clue?

I would appreciate any help you could give by perhaps mentioning my dilemma in your paper. I can be contacted at

F Riley

Westgate Road

Lytham St Annes