Family’s gratitude to hospital

MYSELF, my wife, sister and brother want to say how well our mum was treated at Scarborough Hospital.

She was admitted to resus early in the morning from Driffield, where we all joined her at 4.30am.

From there she went to Maple ward, where nothing was too much trouble for them, staff nurses, sisters etc, even down to them making tea and toast for us, we just had to ask.

We were all there until 5.30pm at night, where sadly she passed away.

A special thanks would go to a nurse called Audrey.

She came to see mum to do something and she was the last person to get mum’s smile for us and that we shall never forget.

Thanks again to you all.

Michael and Linda

Dobson, Judith Robinson and partner, Graham

Dobson and partner.

Beaconsfield Street