Family should pay tree costs

RE: DISPUTE with regards the liability for the payment of the legal fees accrued during the dispute regarding the felling of a very old, and iconic beech tree, as requested by the family occupying a nearby house, alleging damage to a wall, and drainage.

North Yorkshire County Council, who backed the request, are now attempting to pass on part of the responsibility for the costs incurred on to Scarborough Borough Council, who quite rightly, in my view, placed a preservation order on the tree.

This proved to be fruitless, as it was simply brushed aside, and without proper investigation of any alternative solutions, the tree was subsequently destroyed.

As a contributor towards Scarborough Borough Council’s income through my council tax, and other charges, I strongly object to paying even a contribution towards these costs, to finance an act of corporate vandalism.

If there are costs to be borne then it seems straightforward and obvious to me that they should be met by the family wishing for the removal of the tree, and possibly North Yorkshire County Council as their backers.

This may of course mean the sale of the property to provide the necessary funds, if this is the case then so be it.

Mr F Dore

Maple Drive