Fast response to pension query

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HAVING just read a letter in the Evening News from Mr Mike Minchella, I feel I must respond to his inaccurate and very unfair comments.

Mr Minchella first contacted me via email on January 10 regarding his pension cheque. I responded by taking action on January 13. My office in Scarborough receives in excess of 20 letters per day from constituents as well as emails and we endeavour to respond to them in date order as quickly as possible, unless it is an emergency, in which case we take action immediately.

Subsequently, emails were sent to Mr Minchella on an almost daily basis, as well as to the Department of Works and Pensions Hotline for MPs.

I consider action taken within three days, and not five days as Mr Minchella quotes in the Evening News, is perfectly acceptable and I take great exception to his criticism.

My staff and myself have had dealings with Mr Minchella several times in the past and only last year he sent a similar letter to another newspaper stating that I had not responded to another letter, which once again was totally unfounded.

I immediately contacted the newspaper who printed my response to this accusation, after having the opportunity to review the file. It is obvious to me that Mr Minchella has his own agenda and is possibly trying to damage my reputation as a good constituency Member of Parliament.

I am always available to assist my constituents – even dealing with a call from an Eastfield resident on Christmas Day.

As far as I am aware, I am the only Member of Parliament in the region who makes his own personal mobile and home telephone number available to everyone.

Robert Goodwill MP

Scarborough and Whitby

House of Commons