Felling a beloved tree shows lack of respect

RE: IRTON Beech Tree.

The oldest living things on earth are trees.

I was always brought up to respect my elders. Trees give us the very air we breathe and that alone demands that respect!

Respect is the key word here, although in this case, lack of it.

We live in the 21st century, things that are built can be re-built, they can be changed, altered and fixed, but life can only be taken, it cannot be given back.

To me the ignorant needs of just two people have not only shown a surprising lack of respect for life, in that of the tree, but also the law, in that of the preservation order. The fact it was lawfully overturned is irrelevant, it should have been respected in the first place. Not only this, but a lack of respect has been shown to everyone in the village of Irton and also to every single tax payer in the whole borough.

If there is one thing the Irton Beech Tree did show us, it was how the needs of just two ended costing the public a quarter of a million pounds at a time when the country has no money and people’s livelihoods are at stake.

To the five that made the tree their home for a few days and their supporters, it was nice to see that there are still those who care for things other than their own lifeless material belongings, and that there are those who still have respect!

Alex Willis

Filey Road