Fight to save Town Hall is not over yet

RE: TOWN Hall/Manor Road sell-off.

Despite yet another humiliating climb-down being inflicted on our increasingly incompetent looking Conservative-led Council; the battle to stop them flogging off our Town Hall and Manor Road Nurseries, has by no means been won. Common sense and a little bit of democracy at the last full Council meeting may have given those who want to save these unique assets a breathing space but it is certain that those who want to sell the town’s birthright will be back.

Moreover, they may well, if they succeed this time, be encouraged to try and sell off to the highest bidder more of our wonderful heritage.

They do not seem to care that the vast majority of residents and visitors do not want these valued assets to be lost and that if they are the consequences for our beautiful town will be disastrous. In regard to the Town Hall site, as there is no plan, or money, for future redevelopment the empty buildings in King Street will quickly deteriorate.

Once derelict the powers that be will have the excuse they want to pull the whole lot down.

Our historic Town Hall will be boarded up making it a target for vandals and, mysteriously, perhaps one bonfire night; it might “accidentally” be burnt to the ground. Should this scenario be allowed to happen then we will be left with a Bradford style black hole in the centre of the town.

So why are they doing it. Well astonishingly, as many people have commented, this administration simply does not get it. They seem to think that the assets of Scarborough are theirs to do with as they wish. Regardless of the huge public outcry against these sales they still seem quite incapable of understanding that both these sites actually belong to the people of Scarborough not to any one political group. Furthermore, they fail to grasp the fact that the people of Scarborough, and our visitors, do not want the towns assets sold to fund Council pipe dreams.

However, at least for the time being, the leadership’s cunning plan has been scuppered. Not that this in any way permanently saves either site. It is almost certain that despite this reprieve the current administration will continue to press for both the Town Hall and Manor Road Nurseries to be sold. Indeed they may know the price of everything but they certainly don’t seem to know the value of anything.

Cllr Dr Norman Murphy


Northstead Ward

Victoria Road