Fly tippers cause blot on landscape

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SO RAINCLIFFE Woods has hit the television news, what a disgrace, and a very poor advert for Scarborough.

But Raincliffe Woods aren’t the only woods in the area suffering problems, and not all caused by youngsters. Fly tipping is a huge problem in our beautiful countryside.

Here are a couple of photos taken in small car park on the left of road going towards Reasty Bank. One is of rubble dumped regularly in area where a bird table was erected, which used to be a popular area for picnics. The rubble is dumped on path nearby, also used by horse riders, the possible injury to a horses legs is obvious.

The other picture is of piles of terracotta pellets from large plant pots, someone uses these on a large scale, as they are found in various places, along with dead plants and gardening debris, and appears every year.

None of this is excusable, as a superb public tip catering for all refuse isn’t many minutes away.

M Robinson

Moor Lane