Folly of increasing burden on taxpayers

Cllr Simpson does not seem to understand. He says this 111% increase in the parish precept for council tax was voted for in November. It doesn’t matter when it was voted for, it is wrong at any time to increase a bill by this much.

If Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council, the Police and Fire Brigade had tried to increase their tax bill by this amount, would the members of Eastfield Parish Council be OK with this or would they have something to say about it? If you look at the minutes from Eastfield Parish Council meeting January 30, Ms Metcalfe for Scarborough Borough Council spoke at the meeting about their increase for this year and the members of Eastfield Parish Council said that there should be no increase but if there had to be then it should not be over 3%.

If this is the case then why do they think it’s OK to increase it by this much? I also think Westway Boxing Club is good for the young people of Eastfield. And if there are things we can do to make Eastfield a better place to live this is all good. But a small annual increase would be easier to swallow than this outrageous increase.

Rob England

Northwold Road, Eastfield