Fond memories of years spent in town

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HAVING ATTENDED the Graham Sea Training School 60 years ago and spent some of the most memorable years of my life in Scarborough, I was somewhat disturbed at the changes I noticed on a very recent visit.

It seems as though someone is trying to delete those memories.

For instance, the Olympia Ballroom, where I was taught to dance (bad pupil unfortunately) by a young lady called Rita Rutherford, I see is now a bowling alley and “leisure centre”. We danced to Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine before they were married. (Kids’ Night for 3d entrance money).

The Aberdeen Cinema is a furniture store, The Lonsborough has been knocked down and re-built in a style nothing like the old Victorian. The Floral Hall is now an indoor bowls green and both North and South Bay swimming pools are gone or in the process of going. Is nothing sacred? I came third in the All Scarborough Schools Diving competition at the North Bay pool and occasionally played “hookie” from school to swim there.

The Capitol Cinema is a bingo hall and perhaps the biggest sacrilege of all is the demise of the opera house in favour of a casino. Kenneth Williams started his career in that theatre. I know as he stayed at the Boston Hotel where I lived, when he was in Scarborough. They all did a week in York and then a week in Scarborough.

My old school apparently closed in 1973 according to the plaque on the wall and I see the metalwork shop is now a row of mews cottages. I spent many an hour in there making strange things, one of which I still have today.

Having said all this, I did enjoy my visit and ended up walking miles. The photographs will give me fond memories and if any of my old friends read this, my very best wishes to you all.

Dave Bradley

Wolseley Road