Football: Boro should be able to play in Scarborough!

Today I passed our old football ground on Seamer Road.

I was very upset to see the state of it, which our councillors have allowed, along with the necessary, so they say, removal of the dressing rooms and other buildings too.

Our football team is forced to play at Bridlington, who do, of course, gladly take the rent our team’s bosses pay for each match.

This money, given a bit of time, would of course have been paid to our council and the number of Boro supporters would be a lot greater, so our council would be better off financially.

I know not everybody is football mad, but given time it would be greatly enjoyed by a bigger gate than the matches at Bridlington.

In any case, why do the Boro supporters not demand our pitch? Our team are doing quite well and in time will progress up the football ladder.

Bridlington Town, besides the actual pitch, have two very large areas of land for car and bus parking, and when our supporters arrive, a lot of cars have to park further away from the actual ground parks. So I fail to see how the preferred site for Boro and our smaller children’s matches can be suitable.

Further to this, our teams need an area for practice purposes too.

With the support our football team has at Bridlington think of the support our team in our town will have.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road