Free from party force

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Re: the letter in the Evening News on March 26 headed ‘Councillor excluded from political group’,

I was amazed that an independent group on Scarborough Council headed by Cllr Popple, had the audacity to throw off one of their senior colleagues for exercising his right to make an independent decision.

No wonder Cllr Chatt was shocked to learn of his exclusion from his group by Cllr Popple, when in his own words Cllr Chatt felt he was making the right decision for the right legal reasons,

Perhaps the public that voted him in thought that he was free of a political party, and group decisions, obviously they were misled. I can recall looking at an North Yorkshire County Council election leaflet that Cllr Popple handed out to residents in 2009 in the Northstead ward, saying in bold letters:

“Independents are your voice -- free of political control - only answerable to you, the residents”.

Councillor Eric Broadbent

Labour group leader on Scarborough Borough Council