‘Friends’ group is needed to care for Oliver’s Mount

AS I am sure many readers are aware of the terrific work undertaken by the numerous “friends” groups in the borough who all work very hard to improve the environment in which they live, work and play I feel it necessary to highlight a particular area of Scarborough which is, I feel, overdue to have an established friends committee. That area is Oliver’s Mount, home to our town’s War Memorial.

On last year’s Remembrance Sunday, my family and I attended the service at the Mount and were concerned about the litter in the small parking area and the general overgrown condition of the trees surrounding a connecting pathway, as well as the neglected parking area full of mud and potholes. The latter was not welcomed for polished shoes leaving a car.

Earlier this year I reported the lights on the memorial to be non-functioning and later learnt from the council assets department that someone had daubed black paint over them which was subsequently removed. The open fields in the area have also attracted fly tipping.

I would be interested to know readers’ opinions on forming a Friends of Oliver’s Mount.

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive