Frustration over delay to decision

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RE: OUR exhibition ‘The History of the Futurist – a celebration of its ‘90th anniversary on which you described it as superb!’

There are two points of information I would like to comment on - both in defence of Scarborough Council.

At the opening, the preview was for invited guests only, it was impractical, given the limited space, to invite the whole council and officers.

Cllr D Jeffels, chairman of the Council Futurist Task Force, was invited as a council representative and Chris Hall, Conservation Office on behalf of Council Officers; neither were able to attend.

It is to be hoped that councillors will visit the exhibition in the Library, upstairs, admission is free, as it runs till June 30, so that their knowledge of the significance of the Futurist is increased before it is next under review.

There cannot be a council decision until the Department of Culture, Media and Sport announce whether the Futurist has been given Listed status or not. The application was presented in April 2010, 14 months ago. At the time we were told to expect a decision in six months maximum.

The lengthy delay is frustrating for all of us. We will continue to press for a decision as a matter of urgency.

Diana Tasker

Co-organiser, Futurist Exhibition

Weaponness Valley Close