Futurist: Campaing is still active

The Futurist campaign is still very active and, whilst apparently out of sight, it is not out of mind. There are many issues involved in striving for the outcome that we all want: that is that the council does not demolish the building, and that a suitable future be made available to enable it to move onwards and upwards. However, many different strands and activities are currently in action, and these can briefly be described as political, political and political:

1 Political as in local council, its constitution, the elected councillors, and the expectations of its paid officials;

2 Political as in laws, processes and procedures as laid down by national government;

3 Political as in the rights and expectations of the local people who pay their taxes which in turn are used to pay the wages and expenses of all the above. These seem to have been lost through the inward looking attention of Scarborough Borough Council.

There have been many published letters in recent years regarding all the above. Particularly in relation to the number of people who have written to councillors and officers, and expect to get a reasoned response to their letters. Answers are very few and far between and this omission is a source of anger. Whatever happened to the council’s own Code of Conduct? Shouldn’t our newly elected councillors be addressing this as a matter of urgency?

Coming to the nub of the problem: demolition. The lack of council communication on this is the cause of much unrest and frustration. This itself breeds rumour and gossip which does nobody any good, and creates yet another source of anger. There is a lot of expert knowledge available to us on all aspects of the entire project, but particularly civil and structural engineering, theatre renovation and restoration and theatre management and operation. The most important at this time being the clearing of the land for stabilisation and development by Flamingo Land as a funfair complete with a monster size roller coaster. We should be informed of the causes of delays in publishing the borough council commissioned consultants’ reports regarding the whole civil engineering operation and equally important the actual real cost. This delay and its cause is preventing corporate decision making, strategic development and planning and fundraising by potential interested bodies. “We are still working with Bidder B” (eg Flamingo Land) we are told. For how much longer – until the theatre crumbles away by natural erosion?

Finally, the council’s apparent blindness to the beauty and attraction of St Nicholas Gardens. Walking through there on the few recent sunny days, I took particular interest of how people walked through, and that for those unable to do so the fact that it was still available to enjoy from the top, the bottom and the cliff tram. I spoke to some visitors (at random) and asked them whether they felt that a funfair, complete with giant roller coaster would improve this area as a visitor attraction, or whether it would be more attractive left and appropriately maintained as it is. This was an unscientific straw poll, but the words “tragedy”, “Why? There is already a funfair across the road” were commonly used.

Incidentally, has the borough council or Flamingo Land particularly, carried out a primary market survey and study amongst an appropriately selected demographic and population? How has the decision been reached that this is the right thing for Flamingo Land, Scarborough and its businesses and economy? Can we please see the results of this basic business decision making process?

So many questions, so little information. No wonder there is so much unrest and anger.

Patricia David


Save the Futurist Campaign

Filey Road