Futurist: Councillor’s fears must not be ignored

The Futurist Theatre, Foreshore Road, Scarborough
The Futurist Theatre, Foreshore Road, Scarborough

Re the Futurist. Inept, inane, incompetent? No doubt your readers will be making their own evaluations of those Scarborough councillors whose proposed views were covered in last week’s Scarborough News (September 17).

Given the continued push to demolish the Futurist theatre, arrogance might also come to mind. Remind me, and them, was it 10 or 11,000 signatures to retain this theatre? Considerably more than the few hundred votes that got them elected in the recent local election. What was the electorate thinking of? And what are they thinking now?

Perhaps those councillors who are hell bent on getting rid of the Futurist could tell us how many performances, including the ones staged at the £350,000 loss making Open Air Theatre, could have been performed at the Futurist, assuming the managers of the latter had been granted more than a couple of seasons in which to make long term bookings.

There does seem to be a whiff of ‘personal fiefdom’ about some of our councillors who also refuse to support the widespread wishes for a multiplex cinema at North Street in favour of the less popular former Atlantis site at North Bay.

Cllr Janet Jefferson’s fears of millions of pounds of tax payers money being spent on a Flamingo Land attraction on the site must not be ignored and simply swept under the carpet. Without a more rational explanation for their antipathy towards the Futurist, and the approach from the Harrogate entrepreneur who wished to take it on, one may wonder how many of our councillors, who are so keen for a roller coaster on out seafront rather than a much loved theatre, wouldn’t feel more at home in Blackpool.

P Feavers