Futurist: Custodians for the people

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A total of nearly 7,000 people have signed our two major petitions so far of which 2,000 are a representative sample of visitors to Scarborough and the Futurist during eight weeks last summer. The Council are insisting that we get an extra 5,000 local only people designated by the council to sign before January 15, 2014, having given us only three months in which to collect them. We have not (yet?) been given an option to include the “local only” signatories of the My Theatre Matters Campaign. It seems that this is because the council did not officially “sanction” this entertainment industry sponsored national petition (designed for local use). This second petition is dictated in order for us to “buy” the right to have it discussed and debated in Full Council. Unfortunately Tom Fox’s unilateral declaration of December 13 spread the wrong impression amongst the population and severely hampered our progress. Is this town run by democracy or bureaucracy, and indeed do the incumbents in the Town Hall know there is a difference? If a decision has already been made, then what is the council’s purpose? I am told that I didn’t actually understand what it meant! Neither did the rest of the population!

However, in total we now have 7,000 plus supporters with a lot more to come. Of these a large proportion are professional people who, collectively, are qualified and have earned their living in every aspect of every area of expertise needed by a council in order to run their town effectively and efficiently. This applies particularly to business relating to the Futurist and its contribution to the local economy and businesses as a whole. There are about 70 of “them” of which 50 are assorted councillors and 20 council officers of varying abilities.

What does our council do? Buy in consultancy at huge cost to the finances. Evidence of the lack of inside skills, knowledge and experience. Why should Scarborough people be made to pay for this inherent deficit?

Finally, the council does not actually own anything. They are custodians and caretakers for the people. Have we given Scarborough Council an open-ended mandate to sell our land and property for private enterprise? And particularly not when there are skilled and experienced local people calling out for the opportunity to be allowed to take over the Futurist and raise funds and run it for the benefit of the local economy. It happens all over the rest of the country, very successfully. It is the Conservative Party’s National Mandate via the Localism Bill through Community Asset Transfer. Does our council believe that the Scarborough people who voted them into power believe they are not clever enough to understand how to do things better than them? We are shouting from the rooftops – stop insulting us - start consulting us! Knowledge is also power.

Patricia David

Campaign co-ordinator

Save the Futurist

Filey Road