Futurist is just not worth the money?

IN reply to Patricia David’s letter, March 15 and the Futurist.

There are aspirations and dreams which are the opposite to reality. The lady is in the aspirations and dreams section it would indicate, to me.

I was of the same opinion of saving the Futurist as possibly a lot more people in those early days were, when it was in the news as to what was going to happen to it.

Over the last couple of years I have come to the conclusion that the Futurist is simply not worth saving. The monies required to be spent on it to bring it up to a standard that is needed in 2011 I would suggest would not be too far off what it has cost the Spa to be refurbished. It simply cannot be justified no matter who runs it.

The halcyon days of full houses or even half-full houses at the Futurist are long gone except for odd stars. It will never go into profit.

When one goes to the Southampton Mayflower Theatre website, one can see there is simply no comparison between it and the Futurist. The Mayflower has always been able to handle the large scale West End transfers. After further alterations no set is too big to fit there now. The theatre can now cope with the new demands from ever bigger touring productions. Something the Futurist simply cannot do. One only has to look who has played the Mayflower and who is going to. The Futurist would simply not attract those sort of shows.

Secondly, the population of Southampton alone is around 237,000 and has no other large theatres in the area unlike Scarborough with the York Opera House, the York Barbican, Bridlington Spa, to name three on our doorstep and within a stone’s throw we have now The Spa. Scarborough Borough Council subsidise the Spa, the Stephen Joseph Theatre and the Futurist through the local council tax payer with possibly other establishments at Filey and Whitby. It has to be borne in mind that we could quite easily have the Open Air Theatre to subsidise sometime in the future, if things to do not go well for Apollo Leisure.

The land from the Futurist back to King Street should be sold off as soon as possible to the highest bidder.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue