Futurist: Just another mundane resort

I was saddened that the fate of the Futurist Theatre has now been sealed. The front of the building has long been a disgrace and the interior has suffered years of neglect.

I am sure that the building could have been properly updated if the will had been there, although I also realise that economics play a large part of the considerations.

I am concerned though about what sort of development will replace the building and what the quality of the design will be. In the past few years Scarborough has not seen a high standard of new buildings.

The apartments that replaced the old Corner Cafe in North Bay are quite mundane and yet the prominent site cried out for buildings with more style. Instead, we are met by a windswept bland corner.

The new Yorkshire Water building on Marine Drive is even worse. Cladding it in stone does not disguise the fact that it is basically an industrial building dumped in a prominent position. This is such a shame when it sits between the splendid Toll House and the more sensitive design of the previous Yorkshire Water facility.

Like another letter, I feel that Scarborough has lost pride in itself and is content to be just another mundane seaside resort, which is a shame as it has so much more to offer.

Glyn Wild

Highfield Terrace