Futurist’s 90th birthday

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RE: 90TH anniversary of the grand opening of Futurist Theatre, June 27 1921.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Futurist Theatre. Whether or not the building is listed, we are hoping to mark this anniversary with an exhibition in the library, followed by transfer to the Futurist. Also we are hoping to arrange other special events related to the theatre during June.

While we have access to a wealth of material through the library itself, we are hoping that there will be people in Scarborough who have their own special historic material and memories that they would wish to contribute to the exhibition and to the event generally.

Any personal photographs or mementos of performers and performances would be ideal. Also we are particularly interested in old photographs of the site before the Futurist was built, showing the surrounding areas. This is the pre-Catlin time known as the Keralfy Arcadia. Also the original Palladium Cinema. As an integral part of the site development, the designer created terracing to the rear, primarily as a means of stabilising the land.

Those terraces are still there and standing derelict. There have been several different activities on these terraces, in particular funfairs and a holiday camp. If anybody has any photographs or other printed material related to these activities, we hope that you will be able to make these available.

For all donations good photocopies would be ideal, to reduce any risk of loss or damage of what may be treasured memories. We would be grateful for any contributions that people are able to make.

These should be sent to Steven Hugill, Scarborough Evening News, and the envelope marked ‘Futurist Anniversary’. Thank you.

Patricia David, Diana Tasker and Colin Bainbridge

Filey Road