Futurist’s rescue needs justification

FOR MONTHS now I have read many letters from people far and wide as to the saving of the Futurist Theatre.

My memory of it goes back to the early 50s queuing on Sunday for the cinema, it seemed everyone from Scarborough was there.

As from 1953, I lived in Blands Cliff, opposite the Futurist building and saw many changes. I lived there for 27 years, but continued in business for another 23 years.

I remember reasonably clearly as a person in the building industry the havoc that was created when the big change took place.

Naturally at nearly 80 years old I cannot remember every item but I am sure extensive damage was done to the beautiful marble front when the cladding was applied.

I also believe girders were put through the front to accommodate a parking area for artists above the theatre.

I personally would have thought the first thing to look at if this building is worth bringing back to its original glory would be to remove parts of the cladding to see what damage was done to the facade with pneumatic drills etc.

I cannot imagine the repairs at the front would justify the price but then of course I could be wrong.

Gordon Shepherd

Green Lane