Gardens are great, thanks to volunteers

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A SHORT time ago you published an article relating to the admirable restoration of the shelter in the Shuttleworth Garden.

Fine, but my recent visit to this garden prompts me to comment on the wider subject of our resort’s renaissance/revival/modernisation, which has taken place during the past few years.

While it seems that arguments over the Open Air Theatre, the Spa, and the Futurist theatre are likely to remain unresolved possibly during my time, there have been many admirable improvements, particularly in our parks and gardens, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of so many dedicated volunteer workers.

On the subject of renaissance, what finer example could there be than the restoration of the entire site of the Shuttleworth Garden? The shelter, as mentioned, the miniature garden - the subject of many picture postcards of our resort’s heyday - now even more attractive, and the beautiful lawns and flower beds, not to mention an over-flowing fairy letter box for the young and, perhaps, a few of later years! All thanks to the combined efforts of the Scarborough Civic Society, the Friends of South Cliff Gardens, and our council’s garden team.

Overall, a wonderful sight, enhanced on the occasion of the visit of my friend and I, by an early evening spell of glorious sunshine.

The memorial plaques on the bench seats around the garden bear witness to the popularity of this location and one can imagine the pride of those people now looking down on this wonderful scene.

Can’t rid my mind of an irritating comment by a leading local figure at the time of Yorkshire Forward’s urban renaissance conference in 2002, viz: “We need to let go of the past”, admittedly possibly a newspaper quote taken out of context.

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road