Gas was present at home where friend died

RE: THE gas leaks saga in Weaponness Valley Close (Evening News, May 12).

It concerns a quote in the article on the last three lines of the final paragraph, column two of the article by N Gas Network.

“ ..... said yesterday that there had not been a gas escape at number 13.”

This is correct factually but gives a misleading impression that gas wasn’t present in No 13, where Gwen Willins (my close friend) died, when it has been found to be continually present at varying levels for a number of weeks.

There wasn’t a leak at No 13. The leak was outside No 10 but the gas made its way along, under the ground, into No 13.

I am writing to ask if you could clarify this point otherwise it gives the impression that the late Gwen Willins’ sons have no grounds for their belief that the gas leaks contributed to their mothers death.

Diana Tasker

Weaponness Valley Close