Geese need some help to see building

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re more geese fly into wall of death.

So it happened again.

It was only a matter of time the poor geese slammed in flight into the apartments.

The Sands complex, come on, make it more visible for these birds, ie a mural.

Imagine poor light, dull, misty weather etc.

They just cannot see the buildings in time, too late and more deaths.

Peter Morris

Ashville Avenue


re geese deaths.

In Venice, when a large building is undergoing major exterior works, all the ugly scaffolding is completely concealed behind canvas depicting a full-size picture of the building as it looks normally.

Instead of painting a picture on the side of Kepwick House, which would soon fade and look tatty, a canvas similar to the ones used in Venice could be fastened on the wall, depicting a forest scene or maybe just some windows.

With some imagination it could make the present plain wall quite attractive.

Colin Lomas

Newby Farm Road