Germany surrendered on May 4, 1945

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THE ARTICLE in the Evening News ‘On This Day In History’, stating that May 7 1945 was the date when Germany surrendered to the Allies at Rheims in 1945 was rather misleading.

They actually surrendered at Luneburg Heath at Field Marshal Montgomery on May 4 1945, as the enclosed photograph shows.

It was just the actual signing of the surrender document that took place at Rheims.

There used to be a plaque on Luneburg Heath commemorating the surrender there because I saw it in January 1954.

At the time I was stationed at Luneburg but the Germans didn’t like to be reminded of it and, years later, it was removed and brought to England. I believe it now resides at Sandhurst.

Although Monty took the surrender, the Russians will have a different date because they needed two day’s grace to inform their troops on all fronts.

Charles Agar

RAF Police (Rtd)

The Grove