Get knitting and help charity challenge for children

SOME TIME ago you were good enough to print a letter about my knitting for the charity Knit-a-square. Following this, several people wrote to me for details as they had no access to the Internet, and I hope many others saw the website and that many more squares have been knitted or crocheted as a result.

We are working on a new KAS project. It is extremely ambitious but we have no doubt that, as it is a world-wide scheme, it could be achieved.

The challenge is to knit/crochet over a million eight inch squares in the coming year for the hundreds of orphaned children in South Africa. I thought this might interest many of your readers, perhaps especially those in retirement homes, hospitals, church groups etc. The challenge has already been taken up as an out-of-school projects by at least one school in the area, and the children have knitted hundreds of squares.

Knit-a-square is a family-run charity and are most appreciative of any help given. Every square is sewn into a blanket to keep a child warm.

For more details contact or

Belinda Robson

Red Scar Lane