Get noise in perspective

re: noise at public events.

PJS Waller made good sense in his letter, printed on April 23. Public events create noise from both the crowd and the event itself.

If the NIMBYs of Scalby extended their ideas to other parts of the town the motorcycle races would be on pedal bikes, crews of the ships in the battle at Peasholm Park would have to board their opponents rather than fire guns at them and concerts at the Open Air Theatre would be for acoustic guitarists and a few close friends. We are lucky in Scarborough to have one of the finest rugby grounds which has attracted the prestigious match between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

If this was a cricket game at North Marine Road, and not a rugby game, would the neighbours complain about tannoy announcements? If the match was at Scalby the NIMBYs would be complaining! We need to get noise ‘problems’ into perspective.

David Coates

Lancaster Close