Get park rangers off the list of cuts

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THE letter headlined: “Rangers not used efficiently”, which refers to the sacking of our two Park Rangers, speaks volumes for the way our council is currently being run.

The decision to do away with these most valued and valuable employees is typical of this council’s amateurish and damaging attempts to satisfy the demands of the central Government, which want cuts in public finances.

Deleting these posts will not end up saving us one penny.

It will, in fact, cost us money in lost visitors and in repairing the inevitable damage which will soon follow their departure.

The Park Rangers provide the support and security that enables the Bloom and Friends groups to operate.

Without their presence very few if any volunteers will come forward to help maintain and enhance the quality of our parks and gardens; which are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

This will allow the vandals and others who do not value the parks to reclaim them which will inevitably result in vandalism and areas of the parks rapidly becoming no-go areas.

The thousands of hours of unpaid time that the volunteers put in to the parks and gardens could never be replaced by our gardeners as there are hardly enough of them to do the existing work.

Consequently the loss of these two posts will ultimately lead to damage and decay which will cost the Council, in other words us, far more to rectify than keeping the Rangers in post and preventing the neglect from happening in the first place.

However, the way this issue has been addressed has far wider, and ultimately far more worrying, implications for us the poor ratepayers.

Indeed it goes to the very heart of how those responsible for running the borough go about their jobs. If the Park Ranger service is not working efficiently then it is not the Park Rangers who are at fault; but rather the management structures under which they operate that are at fault.

Inefficiency and waste seem to have been the hallmark of this, and previous administrations, in recent years.

As I have said on previous occasions when issues like this have reared their ugly heads, the place to be looking to make savings is not with those who do worthwhile and much needed jobs, but those councillors and officers who consistently fail to listen to the borough’s residents and then implement policies which are dictated by national parties with no real interest in local needs.

It is not the Park Rangers who should be going!

Stuart Swann

Londesborough Road

Independent candidate

Falsgrave Ward