Get writing with a pen

PLEASE MAY I send a heartfelt thank you to you for my gift from the Scarborough Evening News.

The Sheaffer Pen given to me for the “Letter of the week” on the subject of the “Retail Park car park Seamer Road” will not be put in a drawer and left alone, but will be put to good use. I have been writing comments, views, and letters to this newspaper for a long time, and there are many who do the same. Some letters are very funny, some are sad, and some right to the point and on the button.

Today we can, as I am doing now, write using a computer and send a e-mail, but there is something about a letter or message being sent by post and written by hand on good quality paper ... don’t you agree?.

I feel that many miss out by using computers and I say to many out there, write a letter using a pen and paper and you will find it a great achievement.

Thanks again and I will write again soon.

John Large

Shire Croft