Give some support to market traders

PLEASE LET me answer the letter from Mr Johnstone of Abu Dhabi and his comments regarding Scarborough Market. As a trader for 15 years in the market, I think I know more about it than he does.

First of all, the market is not ‘full of charity stalls’, there is only one charity stall in the market and that is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, a Yorkshire charity that has saved the lives of over 2,800 people from the day it was started in 2000, and I will not hear a word spoken against them.

Next, he goes on to say the market sells ‘cheap goods’. Well blow me down, I would never have known that.

But don’t you see Mr Johnstone, that is just how a market should be; markets all over the world sell cheap goods. But just because it is cheap, doesn’t mean it is bad. I would put the goods I sell on my stall up against any posh shop in London selling the same.

I can tell Mr Johnstone there are two independent butchers in the market that sell the best meat in town, and two fruit and vegetable stalls that have better produce than any supermarket.

All the traders in the market have hearts as big as dinner plates, and try to do their best for their customers. The market may be old and a bit run down, but the people in it work long and hard to try and keep their businesses going in hard times, and it would be good to get some support instead of negative comments for a change.

Finally, after Mr Johnstone had done knocking Scarborough, a word about the place he now calls home, Abu Dhabi.

I would like to remind your readers, this is a place that treats mostly immigrant workers as slaves, its women as second class and the property of men, and he would not have the freedom of speech there to write a letter such as the one he has sent to this newspaper.

Scarborough does not sound so bad now, does it?

Stephen Blackie

Stall 10 and 15

Market Hall