Give the Futurist theatre a real future

Re Open Air Theatre

Cllr Janet Jefferson spoke of a full Futurist two weeks ago, all people spending money in the town’s shops and hotels, while Apollo and the Open Air Theatre do nothing,

If it’s this great, why don’t the council give the Futurist a future!

Let Barrie Stead have a long lease and spend money on it, new bars, restaurant etc. It will pay for itself and help the Scarborough economy and tourism if they can let Mr Stead book well into the future.

They have wasted millions on the Spa, which now we are led to believe is falling into the sea, and rebuilding the Open Air Theatre (which also has bad viewing areas like the Spa), while Apollo do nothing, and just blame the council (sounds familiar).

The Futurist can pack them in, Calendar Girls, all the comedians we’ve had over the past year or so, Mr Stead can get the names and fill the place.

Why have the council got a downer on the place?

Remember Apollo ran the Futurist a few years ago and it closed, how did they get a second chance to run a theatre here?

Chris Gray

Valley Road