Giveaway: Thanks to all who helped

I’d like to thank the volunteers who helped shovel 15 tons of compost and gave out raffle tickets for the free draw at the compost giveaway on Saturday at Hunmanby Allotment site. Once again all the compost went, with eight tons being moved in just two hours!

A special thanks to Spring Café, Country Fayre, the Railway Tavern and the Horseshoe public house for the donation of prices for the free draw, and to Yorwaste for providing the compost and skip at this the fourth compost giveaway in Hunmanby. Their drivers have always delivered on time, been helpful and shared in the enthusiasm that the village compost giveaways have been a success.

Finally, thank you for turning up for the compost, with an empty skip once again we can look forward to another compost giveaway in Hunmanby in 2014!

Nick Harvey