Global implications of a new Tesco

I READ with interest the news in your paper that the Tesco development in Scarborough will not have to undergo an environmental impact assessment. I can understand that a new superstore may not have the dangers of a chemical works but the real impact of adding another supermarket to Tesco’s 2,482 other stores in the UK, that cover over 33 million square feet of sales floor, is the amount of fuel and energy used to transport the products from around the globe to Scarborough. A standard frozen pizza has the following: flour from America 3,000 miles; tomatoes from Italy 1,000 miles; tuna fish from Mauritius 5,600 miles; pineapple from Kenya 4,500 miles; peppers from Holland 400 miles; mushrooms from the UK 200 miles; black pepper from India 5,000 miles.

Each food product that travels 5,000 miles releases 4.5kg of CO2 greenhouse gas. This new superstore will be crammed full of goods that have not been grown or produced locally. The real impact assessment is that local farmers will not benefit at all from this store and the overcrowded A64 will have to take even more heavy trucks to bring all the products from the Tesco distribution warehouse outside of our borough.

M Vesey

Royal Avenue