Grass-cutting: ‘Mohican’ look on verges!

Keith Kitching's photo of a 'scalped' verge in Filey Road
Keith Kitching's photo of a 'scalped' verge in Filey Road

I was wondering if any of your reporters had noticed the state of the grass verges around Scarborough. You will see from the photo that Filey Road now has grass verges which have ‘Mohican’ haircuts and have been left like this for a while. All the rubbish thrown off the verges by the machine have just been left on the footpath where it landed. Why bother at all if North Yorkshire County Council can’t do better than this.

Most of the verges I have seen around the town either have had their tops sheared off and are right down to the soil or the grass is a foot deep. One bloke and a lawn mower used to do a first class job, now three blokes, one with a strimmer, another riding on a machine and another blowing away the rubbish do it and look at the result. That’s progress.

Keith Kitching

Filey Road