Grateful for support from voters

Thank you, Labour voters, for your support.

On behalf of all my colleagues who fought the local Scarborough Borough Council elections on May 5, whether elected or not, I wish to record my thanks to the voters who showed their support for the Labour Party.

We fought on a clear manifesto for the whole of the borough, and while we may still be small in the number of councillors that we have, we will do our best to represent the interests of all.

We are committed to openness and transparency, and in pursuit of that policy we called for recorded vote for the new position of the Leader of the Scarborough Borough Council.

It is only right that electors should see who their councillors voted for in one of the most important decisions that our council has voted for in many years.

Sadly, not enough councillors supported the Labour Group of Councillors to make this happen, but we will persist.

Councillor Eric Broadbent

Labour Group Leader

Scarborough Borough Council