Great care, abysmal admin


Members of my family have recently undergone medical procedures at Scarborough Hospital. The care and attention on the wards was first class.

However, the administration of subsequent letters and appointments has been abysmal.

One important letter from a consultant at the hospital to a GP surgery no more than half a mile from the hospital took six weeks to arrive. The appointment system is farcical.

There is invariably nobody to talk to when the hospital is contacted by phone, and when someone does answer, the patient can be left hanging on.

Letters of complaint are fobbed off with bureaucracy, and the Chief Executive’s department seem unable to answer the simplest of questions.

The Chief Executive himself will not agree to a face to face appointment without a form being filled in.

The sooner another authority takes charge, the sooner poor performers (including management) at Scarborough will hopefully be replaced, and the sooner the public will have a better hospital all round. It’s been a long time coming.

Howard Duckwith

East Avenue