Great effort to save tree

RE: IRTON tree.

Thank goodness there are young people in the world like Vikki (Beech Nut) and Mark (Snoz), and the other lads, who felt that beautiful tree was well worth saving, as did many others.

Although they were beaten in the end by the ‘system’, my, how they tried to keep it alive.

I drove to Irton, more than once to meet those spirited people, and spoke to Snoz and Vikki and her mum.

Vikki’s mum told me her daughter, from a very young age would rescue injured animals and birds, so like myself (I’m still at it).

That tree should never have been felled. We are destroying so much habitat etc – it’s got to stop.

Good wishes to the Irton residents who were heartbroken. Let’s all get planting those beech nuts.

Mrs Christine Broadbent

Blacksmith Mews, Cayton