Green hopes: Futurist site - an opportunity for innovation

Re the redevelopment of the site of the Futurist Theatre, Scarborough.

We understand that Flamingo Land Limited and GMI Estates have made a successful bid to redevelop the site of the Futurist Theatre, but that detailed development plans are still in their early stages and there are still many decisions to be made.

Given the focal position of the site and its impact on the physical, social, cultural and economic character of Scarborough South Bay seafront, we think that this redevelopment offers an opportunity to set the tone and act as a catalyst for future economic and tourism development on the seafront.

It is an opportunity for innovation in stimulating future visitor interest and increasing the diversity of facilities on offer on the seafront, while minimising impact on existing businesses.

Consequently, we look for the adoption of sustainable development principles and high environmental standards in the preparation of detailed plans. We encourage the borough council and the developers to take a truly imaginative and innovative approach and to:

• Minimise carbon dioxide emissions, ensure sustainable access and promote the use of public transport, incorporating good links to Scarborough Railway Station and to bus routes, a taxi drop-off point and adequate secure parking for bicycles.

• Showcase high quality sustainable building designs, materials and technologies.

• Maximise energy efficiency, incorporating energy conservation and renewable energy generation, taking advantage of the natural features of the site, in particular its steep topography.

• Ensure sustainable waste, drainage and flood risk management, in particular, in view of climate change predictions, this development should be resilient to flooding from the sea.

We think that environmental design features should be capitalised on as visitor attractions in their own right, incorporating an educational aspect through the demonstration of these features.

We would also like a focus on the natural environment of the North Yorkshire coast and on its conservation, both for site design and for the visitor features. This would reflect the important work already carried out for the conservation of global biodiversity by Flamingo Land and the University of York through the Centre for Integration of Research, Conservation and Learning (CIRCLE).

We ask the developers to embrace these suggestions in preparing detailed plans for the site and we ask the borough council to support them, building on existing council policies and strategies.

We would be happy to offer further comment.

Kate White,


Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Green Party

West Bank