‘Green’ idea: Recycling of food waste

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Is it not about time Scarborough Borough Council followed the lead of other forward thinking councils and set up a process to remove and separate food waste from our rubbish ? This is likely to become forced upon us soon by the EU anyhow. This would make it illegal to put food waste in the normal household or business waste bins. This would have several benefits for both the council and the public. It would make more economic sense recycling, so all household rubbish could then go in the blue bin. It would discourage vermin, like seagulls and rats from scavenging our bins there by make the town cleaner and less smelly, especially in warm weather when the bins are emptied fortnightly, when they attract flies which in turn infect the unsuspecting general public with viruses and pathogens, reducing the costs of an overstrained NHS.

Food waste would be collected separately in sealable containers, the food waste can be used in various other ways, for instance in time it could be used in biomass to produce energy to light our street lights and public buildings. It could be dried and turned into a nutrient fertiliser or into other industrial products, like incinerating and then using the incinerated waste to make building blocks or other materials. I have got to also say on a separate note that Scarborough Borough Council do a fantastic job of keeping the town both pretty and clean, for this they should be congratulated. But stop wasting money by pulling up perfectly good flowers in full bloom to replace with new ones, this is not only a waste of money but is senseless.

Tony Fawcett

Innovations and Solutions

Howard Street