Greens did not back ranger reprieve

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RE: PARK Rangers Reprieve Voted Down.

I attended the full council meeting where the council set its budget. There was a motion to retain at least one Park Ranger by using potential savings from the proposed outsourcing of council nursery plant supplies. The motion was voted down and we could now lose patrols in parks which help keep them free of anti-social behaviour and crime. It is a false economy in my opinion.

There have been proposals for volunteers to take on the task, but even with the best of intentions they won’t be able to match a professional service.

I am very disappointed that my two Green Party councillors voted against the motion to save the rangers, I thought they would have been all for keeping green spaces safe to use! If the rangers have not been used to their best advantage why not just look at how to use them better instead of axing them?

Only some councillors spoke at the meeting about protecting the most vulnerable in the borough from spending cuts and bravely voted against the budget. Sadly not my ward councillors. The county council has managed to make savings by reducing energy consumption, centralising services, increasing use of technology and lots of other creative measures!

Kevin Allen

Stepney Avenue