Greens did not oppose Tesco plan

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KEVIN ALLEN is not the only person to find the Greens’ apparent support for locally produced goods puzzling, given their lack of opposition to the proposed new Tesco’s.

It is not so long ago that they were giving themselves a very hearty pats on the back having successfully pushed for Scarborough to become a “Fairtrade” town.

While I have no problem with this if it concerns produce which can’t be sourced in the UK, I find it totally incomprehensible that the Fairtrade organisation will ignore the plight of, for instance, British sugar beet farmers, but at the same time, fall over themselves to ensure that we import so-called Fairtrade sugar.

Where’s the sense or indeed the justice in that? Why is it right that our farmers can be left to go to the wall, or, at best, suffer hardship and financial losses?

Yes, we should all support our local producers where possible (I always buy British sugar by the way). Charity begins at home and it would do the Greens good to remember that, and not only when elections are coming up!

Trisha Scott

National Front Candidate (Central Ward)

West Park Terrace