Greens should act on falconry

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AT LAST Dilys Cluer (Scarborough Green Party) has got something right.

Hunting animals for pleasure only is not acceptable to many people, and is not a subject which will attract people who feel that way.

As it is now illegal to hunt animals with dogs perhaps the Green Party could take up the fact that we have still one blood sport left.

Hare coursing was banned and yet falconry is still widespread and increasing, this involves exactly the same practices as hare coursing, only using different animals.

In my view, the RSPB is not bothered, although all our species of birds other than raptors are decreasing at an alarming rate.

It may not be a surprise that many RSPB members are also falconers, in fact a recently retired head of the RSPB said that he hoped falconers would soon be able to take chick peregrines from the nest.

If bird flu becomes a real problem it is obvious the raptors who take and eat alive all the other birds will be the most likely to carry the problem.

So come on Green Party, do something about it.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive